Thursday May 18, 2017

Northwest Campus Auditorium

7:30 PM



First Take Film Festival is an annual student short film competition hosted by UCLA’s on-campus production studio, Studio 22 Productions. We welcome outstanding filmmakers from all majors and areas of interest, as long as they are currently undergraduate students at UCLA. The following awards will be given at the event:

Best Picture

Best Cinematography

Best Screenwriting 

Best Editing

Best Director

Best Sound Design

Best Acting 

Special Effects

You can enter your film into one or more categories.



Submission forms open.

Mid May

First Take Film Festival

Early May

Submission Deadline.


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Aman Adlakha

A man must confront the unrealized dreams of the past.

Waner Zhang

Rico ends her physical abuse by killing her husband. 

Sabrina Ashleigh Tan

Bryan Firks plays with Legos.

Amanda Araque

An oblivious boyfriend overhears his girlfriend talking to herself in the bathroom.

Melissa Oskouie

A visual poem about a girl who is dealing with anxiety and depression.

Erik Steinman

UCLA student Fati Habib shares the importance of Eating Banjana with the world.

Bryan Firks

On a date with his stuck-up girlfriend, a man succumbs to an app that compliments him.

Anouk Phéline

A woman escapes into the night after she hears screams in her apartment building.

Priscila Alegria Nunez

Pamela dives into the world of dating apps for the first time.

Colin Tandy

Conner Maxton is confronted in the brief moments before his death by a higher power.

Tyler Yin

An experimental film that visualizes the dual consciousness of a human-machine collective.

Ariella Blum-Lemberg

Three college students find a flyer advertising superhero training.

Alexander Knox

This film highlights the importance of following your true north and how important that it is to EVERYONE.

Nima Niv

A girl and a young woman dream of each other in the same dream.

Jay Shipman

A once-famous stage magician learns that true magic begins with sacrifice.

Dustin Rios



Amanda Araque

A contemporary piece about the brutality of nature and man. (trigger warning)

Bryan Firks

A mortician transforms a body into his favorite painter.

Alexander Knox

Bryan Firks

A teen obsessed with violent video games grapples with the act of really shooting another person.

This film is the inner fighter voice within all of us. The voice that tells us we can keep going when we feel like we can't go any more.

Alexander Knox

A film that depicts my experiences about growing up away from both home and family trying to make things happen for myself.

Alexander Knox

A film that portrays my journey of asking this an amazing young woman to my high school prom.


John F. Estrada

John F. Estrada has worked in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty-five years, acquiring a diverse range of independent and studio film and television experience in distribution, production, script development and post production. Born at UCLA Medical Center and raised in Los Angeles, John attended and played football for Loyola High School, later matriculating to UCLA. John has written and produced several short film and features, including Desconocidos (2012) which premiered theatrically in Puerto Rico. Recently, John produced the horror short, Peek-A-Boo and Closure, both written and directed by Mark Lawson (One Life to Live), which are out in various film festivals. John is also writing and developing several television and film projects on spec. Currently, John is Director of International Film Operations for Universal Pictures, and a key member of a distribution and marketing group that achieved record setting international box office in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, John has worked on the successful films, Fifty Shades Darker, Split, Get Out, and Fate of the Furious.

Donna Du

Donna is an Associate Video Producer working in the world of higher education at SAGE Publications. Currently, she is pursuing a master's degree in film and media studies. She has a bachelor of arts degree in sociology and minors in film, television, digital media studies and theater from UCLA. In college, she worked as the Media Production Director, overseeing promotional videos for UCLA's Campus Events Commission, and as a Video Production Assistant for Studio 22. She has worked in post-production for reality television show LifeTime's Dance Moms; the development room for Baywatch (2017) film production company FlynnPicture Co.; and the marketing and events department at DreamWorks Animation. In addition to spending time composing and writing music for work and outside of work, Donna enjoys watching and analyzing music videos.

Natasha Alexis Martinez

Natasha Alexis Martinez earned her degree in Broadcast Journalism from Chapman University while working as a performer at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Natasha has been a dancer since the age of 5 and is proud to say that her years of experience allowed her become a Los Angeles Laker Girl from 2011-2012. Natasha now works as an entertainment host and news anchor for Collider Video and Complex Media covering movie, music, and pop culture news in Los Angeles. She is also the current host of American Latino TV, a nationally syndicated entertainment news television show focusing on celebrating latinos in the industry. Apart from her hosting career, Natasha is a former Miss California USA 2015 and went on to compete at Miss USA 2015 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Thanks to her pageant and hosting experience, Natasha decided to blend her two loves of beauty and style by creating Diary of a Girly Girl, a blog celebrating the power of embracing femininity and the confidence it brings to achieve your goals.

Rashid Bahati

Rashid Bahati is a film sales representative and producer with extensive experience, in film packaging. Rashid has produced projects with such companies as Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO, The Black Family Channel, C-SPAN and Court TV, to name a few. He produced Reach For The Skies, a biographical film on the career of the shortest player in the NBA, Anthony "Spud". Rashid is the founder of Afrique360 Cultural Arts Consortium, which platform that provides exposure for independent filmmakers content globally.


Our prizes are possible thanks to our partners:


1) Films can be any genre and address any topic, but must be no longer than 5 minutes - including credits

2) You must own the rights to every element of your film - including music, graphics, images, etc.

3) You must show up at the event in person to claim your prize, otherwise it is forfeited. If you are unable to make the event, have another person on your team register as the representative for your film.

4) You must register your film by filling out this google doc, and providing us with a link to download your film. If we are unable to download, you will be disqualified - so make sure the link works before you submit!



The file must be HD, .mov, h.264, acc audio.

You must be a current UCLA student.

UCLA Studio 22

De Neve Plaza Podium Building

351 Charles E. Young Drive West
Los Angeles, CA 90095