A student short film competition hosted by UCLA Residential Life Studio 22, welcoming outstanding filmmakers from all majors and areas of interest.


What is it?

First Take Film Festival is an annual student short film competition hosted by UCLA’s Production Studio, Studio 22 Productions. We welcome outstanding filmmakers from all majors and areas of interest, as long as they are currently undergraduate students at UCLA. The following awards will be given at the event:

Best Picture

Best Cinematography

Best Screenwriting 

Best Editing

Best Director

Best Sound Design

Best Acting 

Special Effects

You can enter your film into one or more categories.

When is it?


Our film festival takes place every Spring Quarter. The 6th First Take Film Festival will be a one-day event, held on the UCLA campus on Tuesday, May 17, 2019. It will consist of film screenings, mixers, celebrity guest speeches, and awards. All films must be submitted to us by Friday, April 26th to be considered.

The Rules

1) Films can be any genre and address any topic, but must be no longer than 10 minutes - including credits

2) You must own the rights to every element of your film - including music, graphics, images, etc.

3) You must show up at the event in person to claim your prize, otherwise it is forfeited. If you are unable to make the event, have another person on your team register as the representative for your film.

4) You must register your film by filling out the form, and providing us with a link to download your film. If we are unable to download, you will be disqualified - so make sure the link works before you submit!



The file must be HD, .mov, h.264, acc audio.

You must be a current UCLA student.


Last year's prizes were possible thanks to our partners:

UCLA Studio 22

De Neve Plaza Podium Building

351 Charles E. Young Drive West
Los Angeles, CA 90095